Cash, cheques and bank transfers all have problems that can result in lost funds and security issues. GoCardless is an automated direct debit that allows us to request payment directly from your account.

We request the payment only after your clean has been completed successfully. If for any reason your clean has not been completed, you will not be charged.

What is GoCardless?

GoCardless is a leading Direct Debit provider, processing over £5 billion in payments annually for more than 30,000 organisations in the UK, Europe and Australia, including Sage, TripAdvisor and Les Mills.

GoCardless is ISO 27001 accredited, (ISO 27001 is a widely recognised, internationally accepted standard for information security). It is also authorised by the UK Financial Conduct Authority to provide payment services as an Authorised Payment Institution across the European Union.

What are the benefits?

You only need to set up payment once – complete an online form and, unlike with a bank transfer, cash, cheque or card payment, you won’t have to remember to pay next time. Which means no accidental disruptions to your service.

We request the payment from your nominated account only after each clean – it is not a set monthly debit.

Unless you change bank accounts, you won’t have to worry about updating your payment details either (unlike, if your debit card expires, or is lost or stolen).

With GoCardless you are notified that a payment is coming out in advance, giving you the chance to raise any issues about the payment.

With Direct Debit, your payments are protected. For example, in the UK, you are fully protected under the Direct Debit Guarantee, meaning you have the right to cancel and receive a full refund for any payment taken in error.

You can cancel the Direct Debit mandate at any time for example through your online banking, immediately stopping future payments although this may alter your access to our services.

How do I get started?

Click the Pay with GoCardless button

You will be diverted to a secure page to fill in your details

Your bank details will be stored securely by GoCardless and linked to our partnered software (we never see your bank details)

Your direct debit is now setup

Once we have completed the clean, we request the payment via our software.  You will be notified via email that the work has been completed and that your payment will be taken from your account in next 3-5 days. No more having to remember to log in to online banking to send payments, or leaving cash outside unsecured.

If for any reason we cannot complete the work you will not be charged.